Commercial Title & Settlement Services in Stafford County

In this Business Instability Economy, many business owners are looking to capitalize on their assets by putting them up for sale. Others may simply want to refinance their current real estate so they can get a lower interest rate and save some of that hard-earned money. If you’re not sure of the next step, Cobalt Settlements is here to help you with all of your Business Title and Settlement needs in the Stafford County.

If you’re selling your business, we’ll help you through the Business Equity Line of Credit process and lend support in filing all necessary forms to make it a smooth transaction. Business owners who refinance their real estate properties can count on us to execute a quick Second Mortgage closure.

If you’re looking to get a Business Title and Business Settlement, talk to Cobalt Settlements today. We’ll make sure that your Business Title and Business Settlement is done properly and on time, without any delays or issues along the way. Your business assets are a vital part of your continued success; we want you to have peace of mind knowing that your Business Title and Business Settlement is done correctly.

Commercial Title Insurance & Settlement Services in Stafford County:


Purchasing a business office can often be a long, tiresome process. At Cobalt Settlements, we make the process of purchasing your new office easier on you as an owner. You can count on us to help with the closing of your future property. We also offer title insurance, which protects property buyers against defects or problems with a title during transfer of ownership. 


When you hire Cobalt Settlements to help with refinancing, we act as a third party between you and the lender. Once the money is delivered to us, we then deliver the money to the borrower and any other parties entitled to payment. 

Business Equity Line of Credit

A business equity line of credit designed for established businesses of about two years or older that make more than $1 million in sales per year. You can use your business property equity to fund your business needs.  

Second Mortgages

Sometimes, business properties need a little more help. A second mortgage for your commercial real estate gives borrowers access to additional capital when the borrower has a significant prepayment penalty or low interest rate. 

For Business Equity Line of Credit or Second Mortgage, contact Cobalt Settlements today at 817-688-7800 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Business Settlement Consultants who will answer all of your Business Title and Business Settlement questions.

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