Preparation of Documents in Chantilly

Everyone that is going through a sale or purchase of a new property knows that it is a stressful and draining process. Whether you’re selling/purchasing independently or working with a real estate agent, you can surely expect to be dealing with tons of paperwork and documents. Making the preparation of documents a necessary step.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Contracts

These contracts are for those who’d prefer to go at it alone – or without a real estate agent. If you are confident enough to sell your home on your own, you’ll need to complete an FSBO Contract.

The details of an FSBO contract are fairly straightforward and include some basic information such as the name of the parties involved including the buyer and seller’s full legal name, a general title of the contract, the date the contract was signed, and a description of the property.

Loan Documents

Loan documents are detailed documents including the details of mortgage loans & plans including intra-family loans including the specific interest rates. 


Deeds are documents dealing with the transfer of ownership of the property being sold and transferred.

Power of Attorney Forms

Power of Attorney forms (POA) are used when another person is appointed to act on your own behalf in regards to legal matters involved with the sale of properties. 

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